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25 December 2012 @ 12:59 pm
Three new chapters of Sure Got a Dirty Mouth  
Title: Sure Got a Dirty Mouth Chapter 36, 37 and 38

Author justinedelarge
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing(s): Sam/Dea
Rating: R
Warning: Wincest (Sam is a few months shy of legal age)
Word Count: 2244
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Just for fun.
Summary: Ever wonder how Dean started talking dirty? The genesis is in the way Sam and Dean make their feelings for each other physical. This story has dirty talk, all the feels you can handle, infinite love and even a plot that develops into a nail-biting narrative, with the best kind of hurt/comfort
Notes Merry Christmas! This is the first of three new chapters I wrote just to post on Christmas Day, as a thank you to you guys. I wrote up to the Thanksgiving and Aftermath chapters, and beyond. So I deleted those chapters I had written out of order, and put them in here. This Christmas update is 10,600 words, of which about 9,000 words are new and the other are the Thanksgiving-related material.

Chapter 36: Show Me 
Chapter Summar Dean has to keep Sam safe and close. Bosie and Sam get a little closer than Dean likes. He reminds Sam that he belongs to Dean.

Chapter 37: Sweet Little Lies 
Chapter Summar John lies to Sam and Dean. Again. This chapter contains the Thanksgiving and Aftermath chapters, previously posted out of order. I expanded the Thanksgiving chapter a little (think pie).

Chapter 38: In For a Penny
Chapter Summar Sam finds out the truth